What Is Suboxone?

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Suboxone is the brand name for a drug some rehabilitation centers use. The substance is a common treatment for people who are addicted to heroin. It is unique in that it uses two technologies to help a person get clean from narcotics. On the one hand,the product protects the addicted person from suffering grave withdrawal symptoms. On the other hand, the drug stops the individual from craving heroin. It is for people who want to use a medically assisted method of recovering from drug addiction. Many people choose too take the Suboxone treatment so that they do not have to go through excruciating pain.

How Suboxone Works

The product has two crucial substances in it: buprenorphine and naxoline. Buprenorphine is on record as a synthetic narcotic derivative. It does not contain nearly as many opiates as heroin and the painkillers to which people become addicted. However, it is a narcotic. The buprenorphine is in the product to ease the patient during his or her recovery. The patient’s body does not go into random unbearable withdrawal mode because, in essence, that person still gets a small dosage of narcotics. The treatment calls for continual reduction of the dosage until the patient no longer needs to take the medicine.

About Naxolone

Naxolone is the product that prevents the person who takes the Suboxone from getting high. It reverses the effects of the narcotic in that person’s system. Some facilities also use Naxolone to treat people who have overdosed. An injection can block the effects of a narcotic within minutes from the injection time.

The patient who takes the medicine gets to recover from drug addiction without experiencing the ill effects of withdrawal in most cases. Furthermore, such people can use the drug as a deterrent after they get out of the treatment program. Former treatment recipients claim that a person who tries to take narcotics while he or she is on Suboxone will get extremely sick.

How Patients Take Suboxone

This product is one of the easeist drugs for a person to take. First, the patient moisturizes his or her mouth by drinking water. Next, the individual places two pieces of film under the tongue. That is it. The film will eventually dissolve in the person’s mouth and seep into that person’s system. Administration is so easy that the average patient can do it himself or herself. The ease of use is just another benefit that the product offers.

Benefits of Taking Suboxone

Many benefits exist to taking the treatment. One of the main benefits of taking it is that it reduces the overwhelming cravings that addicted persons experience. Secondly, if reduces drug use and helps people to remain in their treatment programs. Thirdly, Suboxone can aid recovery by leaving a nauseating sensory memory in that person whenever that person thinks about heroin or another opiate. The person is not likely to keep using drugs if the thought of the drugs make the person sick.

Is Suboxone Opiate Treatment for You?

A specialist can assess you and tell you whether you would be a good candidate for Suboxone addiction treatment. Two conditions will disqualify you from Suboxone usage: pregnancy and liver problems. Studies have shown that Suboxone can be harmful to an unborn baby. Studies have also shown that there is a small risk of developing liver problems from taking Suboxone. If you already have liver problems, then taking Suboxone may complicate those issues. It is quite possible for you to finish Suboxone treatment successfully, however. Schedule an appointment with a specialist who can advise.